Stories from REAL clients working with a Personal Trainer Tempe

I have worked with a Personal Trainer Tempe at Trainerfit for 9 months, 2 to 3 times a week. My Personal Trainer Tempe is extremely motivating, and makes me believe I can accomplish anything. Trainerfit’s nutritional guidance is extremely helpful. It took me awhile to understand the relationship between calories in and calories burned. Once I started logging my food and using the Bodybugg, it became more realistic and clear. My Personal Trainer Tempe also made it clear that my overall success depended greatly on what I was doing on my off days. As a result, I began pushing myself harder in Cardio then I had in the past. I have moved from the Poor Body Fat category to the Good. I have lost 18+ pounds. I have dropped 4 pant sizes ( from a size 10/12 to a 4). And I have moved from Sizes Med/Large to size Small. My goal was to be 40 and fit. I am well on my way. It goes to show you it is not too late. I now hope to move toward the Excellent Body Fat category. Teri F, 40, Personal Trainer Tempe Client

Trainerfit has been an integral part of my lifestyle change for almost a year now. Through a combination of cardio, and strength training, my Personal Trainer Tempe continues to challenge me and help fulfill my fitness goals. Almost two years ago, I was 275 pounds. At only 4’10”, I was slowly but surely eating myself into an early grave. My trainer came along at the right time, at the midpoint when I was getting bored with the gym and looking for more personal assistance from a Personal Trainer Tempe. That is one of the many benefits of Trainerfit. The trainers really take the time to create an environment that is open to all levels, never shaming, but always leading the workouts in a firm and focused manner. They seem to know exactly when to praise and when to push! They have also helped with other health and nutritional questions. I have really come to rely on their support and expertise. Now that I have achieved my goal weight (110-112 lbs), I will continue with Trainerfit’s Personal Trainer Tempe AZ to maintain and to continue conquering new levels of personal fitness. Krista D, 30, Personal Trainer Tempe Client

Calling Trainerfit, my first words were left in a voicemail saying “My name is Bebe. I’m fat and I need help.” I was 56, fat, and unfit, and hadn’t been able to exercise or even to take my dog for his well-deserved walks. The first time I met my trainer, I liked him and his approach to nutrition, health and fitness. I told him he was now stuck with me for life, and that I wanted to transform from my old self to a healthy, active new self. Within eight months of starting at Trainerfit, I completed, injury-free, the PF Chang’s half marathon. Over my three years of training with Trainerfit’s Personal Trainer Tempe I have become stronger, I am in better physical shape, and I have also lost weight. With my trainer’s encouragement, and confidence in me, together every step of the way (literally), we celebrated my 59th birthday by completing the Kona Marathon side by side on June 26, 2011. 26.2 Miles! Bebe, 59, Personal Trainer Tempe Client

When I began exercising (before having a Personal Trainer Tempe) I had severe hypertension; my blood pressure was 165/105 mm/Hg, I had hypercholesterolemia, I weighed 199 pounds at five feet ten inches tall and my resting heart rate was >79. I was a risk factor waiting to have an event. I began training at Trainerfit 1 year into my fitness journey. My Personal Trainer Tempe provided physical, mental and spiritual focus to living a healthy lifestyle. During my time at Trainerfit I have accomplished the following: Now aged 44, with physical strength and endurance of men half my age. I weigh 155 (weight loss of 44 pounds) Today, my blood pressure is in the normal range of 117/77 mmHg, my resting heart rate is 55 and I have 15% body fat. Trainerfit focuses on sustainable success, and my trainer has always conducted himself with a work ethic above reproach. He is highly motivated, patient, yet persistent and results oriented. During the time I have worked at Trainerfit, they have exceeded my expectations of personal training and changed my life forever. John F, 44, Personal Trainer Tempe Client

I first started at Trainerfit attending boot camp with a Personal Trainer Tempe. At that time, we met 3 times a week for an hour and I lost 14 lbs. in 8 weeks. But I stopped working out and eventually put the weight back on, plus some. So I decided I needed to change my diet along with exercise. In December, I started back at Trainerfit with Saturday boot camp and a Wednesday night core session and lost 10 lbs. Then in January I started taking the personal trainer Tempe sessions twice a week and in 4 months I lost 38 lbs. I feel great, I went from a size 12 to a 6! My trainer has been a great motivator through all of this; he really makes the workouts fun. Carrie B, Personal Trainer Tempe Client

Trainerfit has transformed me from a middle-aged, morbidly obese couch potato to a young 46 year-old athlete with tons of energy! I was always the guy in the “before” photo and now I am extremely proud to be the physically fit man in the “after” photo. I had hit a weight loss plateau in my own version of training mixed with starvation. After teaming up with Trainerfit, I have taken off the last 25 stubborn pounds and dropped my waist size from a 42 to a 38. All of this, while increasing my caloric intake and reaching satiety. My personal trainer Tempe AZ introduced me to the Bodybugg and the importance of logging my food on a daily basis, while ensuring I was getting the optimal ratio of nutrients. I consider my trainer at Trainerfit to be more a lifestyle coach than just a “fitness trainer.” He is my health advocate and has given me the formula to be driven for success. Direction + Energy = Motivation! Mike C, 46, Personal Trainer Tempe Client

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