Client doing strength training with a personal trainer in TempePersonal training continues to grow in popularity as a way to reach your goals for health and well being. It  actually has a surprisingly long history. The first “personal trainers” were military and religious leaders, who prescribed methods of maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. The personal trainers of today can be very helpful in guiding their clients towards physical fitness, using effective workout techniques and healthy diet choices to get the quickest and best results. At Empower 3 Fitness, we are committed to being your best choice for working with a personal trainer in Tempe and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

We take personal training to the next level, using the Empower 3 Fitness platform, which consists of  three steps to empower each of our clients with the most effective way to achieve fitness, strength and health that will last for years. The three steps of our personal training  program include Nutrition, Cardio, and Strength Training. In each of these categories are specific goals that we strive to help you achieve. This multi-faceted approach gives you a comprehensive plan so that your hard work will not go to waste.

At Empower 3, we understand that changing your lifestyle and achieving health and fitness is not always easy. Many people face huge challenges and frustration when walking this new path. Our goal is to stand beside you and conquer these challenges with you. We start with the foundation of nutrition, which will fuel your body as it grows stronger and more efficient at eliminating excess body fat. We will help  you determine the calories that you should be consuming, and help you integrate a good mix of lean protein, whole grains,vegetables and fruit. Our nutrition program focuses on each clients specific situation. As your personal trainer in Tempe, we can make nutrition easier to understand and give you the support you need to change your eating habits, especially when your will power weakens and you need a little extra accountability.

Cardio is the next step in our personal training program, but not just any cardio. Our cardio training is the proper mix between consistency and change. It will burn off calories in the most efficient way, and increase the health of your heart and lungs. We change your workouts often enough to maintain the proper level of challenge for your body and to prevent boredom and burnout that usually occurs when all people do is hit the treadmill or bike day after day after day. Following this program with our personal trainers, you can avoid the plateaus in fitness and weight loss that are so frustrating and keep achieving new goals.

The next step in your training involves building your strength. Working with our personal trainer in Tempe, you will make your entire body stronger, build muscle tone and bone density, as well as improve the balance of your body. We have developed a unique program that we call the ESP Platform. This focuses our training on Endurance, Strength and Power. During your workouts we will continually challenge you as you achieve great  levels of strength and endurance that will promote the health and fitness that you are trying to achieve.

At Empower 3 Fitness in Tempe, we also provide fitness boot camps, Yoga sessions and all the resources you need to reach your goals. We have designed our facility to fit your budget and schedule. If you are looking for a personal trainer in Tempe, give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.