Client Doing Strength Training With A Personal Trainer In ChandlerA Personal Trainer In Chandler Will Empower You To Reach Your Goals

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to jump on the treadmill, lift a few weights, and get rid of some extra pounds? That’s awesome! Most people wait until their birthday or New Year’s Day to get started on the new resolution to finally get in shape, but not you. You are ready now to take the first step and commit to a new lifestyle where you take control of your body instead of your body controlling you. This commitment shows the kind of person you are. You will accomplish what you put your mind to. As a personal trainer in Chandler at Empower 3 Fitness, I share that commitment with you and would like to support you along the way as your strive to reach your goals.

Consider with me for a minute, what it will take to get the healthier, leaner body that you want and allow you to maintain it as you move into the future. I would like to argue that working with a personal trainer can get you there faster and with less frustration than trying to go it alone.

Most Americans try to accomplish weight loss and achieve physical fitness by themselves. They buy gym memberships and DVD and books and look where it gets most of them. Another new year comes and they are usually back where they started. There are definite disadvantages to being a “lone ranger” when it comes to your health and fitness. I know many will say that working with a personal trainer is too expensive but consider the cost of gym memberships with no results, not to mention the long term affects on your health and well being when you remain unfit and overweight for years. There are certain strategies and benefits that you can get from a personal trainer that you will miss out on if you just buy a book or a dvd.

One of the greatest things that having personal training gives you is accountability. It’s just too easy to shut off the DVD when you get tired (or not even turn it on). When you re alone you can sneak that extra piece of cake (or two, or three) and no one will ever know. You can’t turn off a personal trainer though, and they will help you keep track of the food you are eting so you don’t have to face temptation all alone. There just aren’t many people who have the will power to stay focused and achieve their fitness goals on their own. A lot of times you are our own worst enemy when it comes to getting in shape. You  need an ally to keep you moving forward. Working with a personal trainer in Chandler can get you where you want to go so much faster than on your own; probably faster than you would think you could.

Another thing your personal trainer can do for you is to customize an exercise plan to fit you as an individual. This way you’re not wasting your time doing things that just don’t make sense for your unique situation. Many people are swayed by the latest fitness trends, some of which are urban myths that will not work for you and your goals. At Empower 3 Fitness, we can point you in exactly the right direction based on what you want to accomplish, be it losing weight, improving your lung and heart health, or getting ripped. We can prescribe you a mix of cardio and strength training, personalized for your particular situation. We can also help you discover the exact ways you need to alter your diet, so that you aren’t sabotaging your hard work by eating too much or too little (yes you can eat too little and not lose weight). Your body needs the right vitamins, nutrients and energy sources to fuel your fitness program and your personal trainer will know just what you should be eating.

With a personal trainer in Chandler, you’ll have immediate access to expertise and support that will get you where you want to go. No more two steps forward and one step back until you give up. We won’t let you give up. We want you to succeed almost as much as you do. We have a variety of programs besides personal training at our facility, from Yoga to fitness boot camps, to keep challenging you. All of this can be done to fit into your schedule at a cost that is the best in town. All of this adds up to you getting the healthy body that you want, working with the personal trainer in Chandler that you need.