Nutrition Coaching in Tempe

Personal Training + Nutrition Training = SuccessNutrition Coaching

Nutrition “training” is essential to good health, weight control, and an optimal body composition. The processes of tracking calories, and adhering to a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein sources will yield more than half of your fitness training results. Simply put, you cannot expect to change the way that you look and feel if you do not change the way that you eat.

Trainerfit Facilities can help you overcome this common roadblock with Nutrition Coaching in Tempe!

We understand that every client has unique nutrition goals. That is why the goal of our nutrition coaching in Tempe is to help YOU meet YOUR weight, lean muscle mass, and fitness goals. Our Tempe Personal Trainers will create a customized nutrition plan to help you lose weight, build muscle, and fuel your body for whatever activities you may encounter on a given day.

A Nutrition Consultation at Trainerfit Facilities can also be valuable in establishing:

          • How many calories you should be consuming?
          • What percentage of calories should come from carbs, proteins, and fats?
          • What kinds of carbohydrates should you be eating (complex vs. simple)?
          • What kind of protein sources you should be consuming (meats vs. plants)?
          • What kinds of fats you should be eating (mono vs. poly vs. trans vs. sat)?

With many clients it is also important to discuss their relationship to food as well as social habits that may be linked to eating. For example, is food for comfort or fuel? What triggers over eating or why are certain foods more appealing at different times throughout the day? Did you know that your body will respond to sugar in the same way as it would to several highly addictive and harmful drugs? What healthier options could have satisfied that salty or sweet craving? How can you celebrate something without splurging on calorie rich foods? Nutrition Coaching in Tempe can answer all of these questions.

Our trainers have expertise with nutrition coaching in Tempe! What are you waiting for? Contact us to schedule a Nutrition Consultation today!

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